What Is Property Management, and How to Find the Right Property Manager in Las Vegas

As you think about what property managers do and how to find a good one, it is important to remember that you need to find a property manager that is right for you and the property you own. A property manager does much more than simply collecting rent checks. In addition to ensuring that your tenants are paying rent, and marketing your property, property managers also play two very important roles.

1. Property managers are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Someone has to be available around the clock to answer phones and respond to questions and problems. It might be 10:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m. when something goes wrong at your property and the tenant will want to be able to get a hold of the property manager for help.

2. Managing the risks of the property is another important role of property managers. Our job is to make sure there aren’t any phone calls late at night or early in the morning. Evaluating the property on a regular basis to get an idea of what might cause problems is important. Preventative maintenance means doing something before it turns into a problem. At Blackbird Realty, we like to say that we specialize in property management, not crisis management. Having a property manager who can anticipate the needs of your property and prevent emergency situations is helpful.

Choosing a property manager can be difficult, but there are two things you can do to help you choose the best manager for your rental property.

1. Call potential property managers at different times of the day and night. I don’t suggest you call someone at 4:00 a.m. just to see if he’ll pick up the phone, but try reaching a potential property manager at different times to see how accessible he is. It should not be too hard to reach your property manager. You want to make sure that tenants and potential renters are able to get in touch with your property manager at all times.

2. Find out if the property manager also sells homes when he is not busy managing properties. Selling a home is a lot more profitable than managing a property, so the loyalty of a property manager who does both will certainly be where the money is. This is basic human nature.

At Blackbird Realty, we spend all our time managing properties. There are no sales businesses on the side. We are dedicated to managing your property and keeping your assets and investments secure. Make sure you choose a property manager who has the same mission.

If you have any questions about this blog, or Las Vegas property management in general, we’d be happy to talk to you. Check out our Contact Us page, or give us a call at (702) 792-8077.


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  1. Tim Cassidy May 28, 2013 12:27 pm

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  2. Mike Catalano June 13, 2013 3:14 pm

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