Advice on Employment Practice Liability Insurance by Las Vegas Property Management

We are talking about insurance for your Las Vegas rental property, and today we have Curt Bulloch from Bulloch Insurance Brokers joining us. Curt’s company specializes in property management insurance, and the products that their owners may need. Some of the insurance policies we talk about are standard types of coverage that you are probably aware of. However, we also want to talk about the types of insurance that might not be as familiar to you. Today, we’re discussing a specific type of coverage that you may not even realize you need.  

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

As an employer, one thing you want to look for is EPLI – employment practice liability insurance. That covers you as an employer for any employees that you hire. It’s a valuable coverage to understand whether you have one employee or 100 employees. The types of things that this policy covers you for includes things like discrimination, wrongful discharge, and wage and hour claims.

Extra Protection Against Lawsuits and Claims

Even if claims like these are baseless, faultless, and retaliatory, you can have your insurance company represent you. These types of claims can be difficult to defend yourself against, and any lawsuit or legal action is going to be expensive, even if you think it’s a waste of time. These types of policies are not expensive, but they are good to have. Get a quote and consider buying EPLI Advice on Employment Practice Liability Insurance by Las Vegas Property Managementinsurance. It goes a long way in protecting yourself and your business if you are a property manager with employees.

Employment protection liability insurance is one of those coverage options that you might not know is available to owners like you. For insurance questions, be sure to call Curt at Bullock Insurance Brokers. If you have any questions about Las Vegas property management, please contact us at Blackbird Realty.


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